best things in life are not free

I love going to parks and watching the birds I love window shopping, I love watching the street performers, I love speaking to perfect strangers and having a hearty laugh. tThen pow back to reality and guess what shopping for real grocery, gas ,clothing at an all tine high so just enjoy all the free things for now cause air for your tires cost $1.00 what is next.



They say  that  the best things in life are free but is that true the best thing to me is money, wine , shopping, dining out. But these things are not free but what is free  is the air that I breath the sun going down in the evening sky. the love of my children. my grand children and my friend of 27 yrs he is my best friend my buddy and my other half.these are the free gifts that I enjoy from day to day. and nothing is better than that

I am amazed that the unemployment situation has not been resolved I want to know what is happening there in Washington . Is any one at least worried that this situation if not resolved soon will resort to bread lines and if it is not taken care of soon,there will be more crime more desperate people. what is that house speaker doing. 

I am sad as I read some of the articles that people post on the unemployment crisis can you imagine that 3 million people are out of work and they are  saying that  the employment hiring is up? Then why are so many people out of work, having to sell the family car, some having to move in with family members  so that they can remain off of the street.I have read some of these in rollcall and it  is sad Rollcall is where the unemployed vent and post how they are coping and how they look for jobs just to be denied, or some say they are too old and get bad news  after several interviews. just reading some will make you cry. I am hoping that the unemployment situation will be resolved quickly. on reading  the person keeping up the  progress is congress that is in control of voting yes or no and for the past 5 months it has been ano and sometimes not even on the agenda.



taking on a new adventure.I have always wanted to talk about the things that most interest me and that is I found a way to let my voice be heard and speak on any subject that I am most interested in a radio show where those with like views can also air their greviences, their likes and dislikes of what is going on today .In the news or just in  your life be it happy or sad some one is listening.


Trying like hell to understand things why things are the way things are like a 14 year old who will harm an older person or  a daughter who will harm a mother, or a son who forgets all about the parents and leave them there to die. my I always keep my senses  and may God take me if I can’t remember who I am

women and men who are in their 60ties to 70 who are healthy and looking for new things to do