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love life living and above all family the best thing ever is having grand children. my aim is to travel


What a trying say it was saturday my car broke down and just before entering New Jersey. Not only is it embarrasing but very annoying but we were not there even 15 minutes before officer Price was there to help he pushed us off the highway to a place where we would be safe. But their actions went futher they called someone to give us water for the car and about 10 minutes there was Mr Mike russo from MAP and so very nice and professional I just want to thank all three of them for being so kind. you hear good things from people about officers but those good ones not enough is said about them. So thank you officer Price, Officer Gilbert, and officer Russo


today was my birthday

today was m,y birthday and all my friends and family made me very 62 yrs old happy and for my thanks to all my family and friends I have thanked you personally on my blog talk show so give a listen wont cha.

sue the president

what I wonder are they constantly take up different things so that they do not have to deal with the issue at hand and that is euc I recieved two letters from the white house saying the same thing but different subject posed to him to answer now I know that these response are just nothing but bulk response sent to everyone who who inquire,response to question posed to him. Now the Reps bonner want to sue him exactly what is going on in washington can some one tell me.

starting a new chapter

I am starting a new chapter in my life as I am constantly asked to do something different my friends say as a promoter what best to do than to promote a show with women and men from the 50 states who are 59-79 who are living an active life and enjoying it with no sign of slowing down so in the following weeks I want women and men to email me with their age their hobbies and their status and I will tell you what this exciting thing is all about remember you must be 59-79 and active E mail me


WAR at the casino I was amazed that war sounded as great in person as on their records I had such a good time and The hundreds of dancing people who were there they did not miss a beat all the songs and my favorite THE WORLD IS AGETTO now this had everyone jumping up and down and screaming truly a good time.