I am sad as I read some of the articles that people post on the unemployment crisis can you imagine that 3 million people are out of work and they are  saying that  the employment hiring is up? Then why are so many people out of work, having to sell the family car, some having to move in with family members  so that they can remain off of the street.I have read some of these in rollcall and it  is sad Rollcall is where the unemployed vent and post how they are coping and how they look for jobs just to be denied, or some say they are too old and get bad news  after several interviews. just reading some will make you cry. I am hoping that the unemployment situation will be resolved quickly. on reading  the person keeping up the  progress is congress that is in control of voting yes or no and for the past 5 months it has been ano and sometimes not even on the agenda.



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